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Jerry Evangelatos

Systèmes Éconergie

Title: Home Comfort Specialist

Hometown: Montréal

Jerry Evangelatos from Systèmes Éconergie

Jerry is a general contractor with hands-on experience in all aspects of home renovation. He has extensive knowledge in building mechanics, which allows him to easily determine solutions to a multitude of problems. Owning his own RBQ license, Jerry has been renovating homes since 2007. For many years, Jerry has been a great waterproofing specialist at Systèmes Sous-sol Québec. He later saw the opportunity to help homeowners even further by becoming a specialist at Systèmes Éconergie. 

Through training and certifications, he became an expert of energy loss, air circulation, and residential comfort. He is a trusted and valued member of the team and upholds the standards of the company.

In his free time, Jerry enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves fine dining.

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Attic insulation with cellulose In Ile Perrot, QC
    Attic insulation with cellulose In Ile Perrot, QC

    Attic insulation with cellulose In Ile Perrot, QC

    The problem: When we've inspected this attic. Jerry our home comfort specialist found that this attic has not enough fiberglass and they were quite a bit of condensation on the ceiling roof. The client has noticed this, too, and wanted to change this factor. 

    The solution: To resolve this problem, we have removed all the old fiberglass and seal off all the leaking cracks with our expendable foam named Zypfoam. This helps reduces by a lot the risk of air leaking. After, we blew 16 inches of our TruSoft cellulose to achieve R60 of value. 


  • Attic insulation with cellulose at Pointe-Claire, Qc
    Attic insulation with cellulose at Pointe-Claire, Qc

    Attic insulation with cellulose at Pointe-Claire, Qc

    The problem: This client from Pointe-Claire in Montréal, had a problem with his house. He found his rooms upstairs not comfortable. They were hot during the summer, even with the air climatization on and during the winter his rooms were not comfortable as he wanted them to be. 

    The solution: We replace the old isolation with a brand new one. We use blown cellulose for those types of projects. We blow over 16 inches to achieve R60 of value. 

  • Attic insulation with cellulose in Laval, QC
    Attic insulation with cellulose in Laval, QC

    Attic insulation with cellulose in Laval, QC

    The problem : 

    The client wanted to change her attic insulation because it was old and it wasn't insulated properly. And when we were doing our inspection, we found many cracks that leaked air from the attic.

    The solution : 

    With the help of our certified attic insulation specialist, we established a plan and found a solution for the client's needs.

    We started by removing all the old isolation. We then fixed all the cracks with our Zyp foam in order to air seal which is imperative to do before any insulation work. We then insulated all the attic with our cellulose fiber to get an R60 insulation value.

    Now, this client has a better isolated attic with a much higher energy efficiency, which will help them save money and enjoy a more comfortable home.

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