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Before and After Pictures from Montréal
Attic insulation in Rosemont Petite-Patrie, Montréal

Attic insulation in Rosemont Petite-Patrie, Montréal

Before After
Attic insulation in Rosemont Petite-Patrie, Montréal Attic insulation in Rosemont Petite-Patrie, Montréal

An Attic Systems specialist will be able to determine which parts of your attic need to be treated to solve the problems that are affecting the air and the environment of your home.

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Montréal's home energy contractor with attic insulation

If your home has irregular temperatures, uncomfortable rooms, and high energy costs, then poor attic insulation and air sealing may be to blame. But why worry when Systèmes Éconergie has been maximizing home safety, value, and curb appeal since 2007? With our reliable attic insulation services, we can create energy efficient, comfortable, and healthier homes in Montréal!

To schedule a free estimate on any of our attic efficiency services, call 1-844-766-8322 or click below today!

Moisture-resistant attic insulation & air sealing solutions

Are you paying to treat the air in your attic? If your attic is poorly sealed, then air will leak into surrounding rooms, ultimately affecting your entire Montréal, QC home. As your home experiences abnormal temperatures, your HVAC unit will exhaust itself trying to regulate them. Avoid high utility costs and take advantage of the reliable attic insulation and air sealing solutions from Systèmes Éconergie!

Our attic air sealing solutions include:

  • Blown-in cellulose insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct insulation
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Attic mold treatment

Attic efficiency & whole-house comfort

If improving your home's energy efficiency and comfort sounds like something you might be interested, then contact the specialists at Systèmes Éconergie today! We can effectively assess your attic and provide customized solutions that perfectly suit your home. Why trust anyone else, when we have been improving home safety, value, and curb appeal in Montréal, QC since 2007!

Call 1-844-766-8322 or click below to schedule a FREE attic insulation service estimate!

Job Stories From Montréal, QC
Ice damming on a roof in Montréal, Qc

Henri owns a beautiful house in Montréal. He is living there since 1986 and plans to stay for another couple of years. For a while, Henri noticed during winter that his house had ice damming on the roof. Then, wondering what would be the problem, he called Systèmes Sous-sol Québec for a free inspection and estimate. 

Our sales representative made a free inspection of the house. The client's problem was the attic. The attic was not well insulated and had a lot of air leaks. So when the hot air enters the attic due to air leaks and bad insulation, it warms up the roof and causes snow melting and then creates ice damming on the roof. Then water infiltration in the attic will certainly happen quickly. 

Our production team went to our customer's house to fix his attic. First, they removed the old fibreglass insulation. Mold was even found in the fibreglass. Then, once removed, they sealed all holes that were provoking air leaks. Holes that were found were wiring holes, around the pipes and air duct. Once all holes were sealed, they install our cellulose insulation on the entire attic ground. 

Our cellulose insulation gives the best results for a perfect insulated attic. It is effective, quick to install, safe and environmentally friendly.

After the job was done, the customer quickly saw the difference. His home was warmer during winter and no more ice damming were on the roof.


Ice damming on a roof in Montréal, Qc - Photo 1
Work Requests From Montréal, QC
Vicinity of Graham in Montréal
Les tuyaux de thermopompe existants degagent trop de chaleur selon un test de thermographie .Ils sont deja isoles mais ils degagenent encore de chaleur ,cela cause de la condendsation ds l'entretoit. Merci
Vicinity of Rue Serge-Garant in Montréal
I`d need thermal insulation to be added to part of the attic`s floor at my house; this insulation was removed a few years ago because of a small water damage and it has never been replaced.
Vicinity of Ave. Samuel Morse in Montréal
Take out old pink insulation Seal all air escape holes and spaces in attic Install baffles Install radiant aluminum barrier on trusts. Shoot cellulose up to R60
Vicinity of Chemin Circle Montréal in Montréal
Un entretoit 10.66*11.90 avec le toit plat.
Vicinity of Paul Letondal in Montréal
Not enough cellulose insulation in attic.Need to add more
Vicinity of Boul. Saint-Germain in Montréal
We have icicles as well as ice dams in front. We only heat the house to 71 degrees Fahrenheit or about 21 degrees Celsius. We have a fan in the attic to cool it. The bathroom fan is vented into the attic..
Vicinity of Pasteur in Montréal
Ice damn (and long icicles) on the back of the roof over a foot thick. Ice damn along the front of the house a little less thick. Some ice along the side also. Our roof and eaves were completely re-done in 2009. We had the insulation of our small attic crawlspace done in 2010, but I doubt if it was done properly. I assume that the problem is improper insulation in the crawlspace. I would like an estimate of the work to correct the situation. I assume this will be done in the Spring?
Vicinity of Thomas-Valin in Montréal
Icicle build up on the roof edge, want to add more insulation to the attic. Please give me a quote for 574 sq ft. area of cellulose blowing insulation. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Montréal
We leave in a 800sq ft flat roof row house in Montréal. We have noticed condensation on our clings this winter and recognize the previous owner who did renovations did a poor job with insulation. We are hoping to redo our roof but would like to get it insulated at the same time. Do you offer that service and how much would a job like that cost approximately?
Vicinity of LO David in Montréal
Je vous contacte pour un projet d'isolation par injection de cellulose de mon duplex à Montréal. La surface à traiter est 2X800 pi2. Pouvez-vous m'envoyer une soumission ?
Vicinity of Rue Lavigne in Montréal
Not enough insulation in the attic and high heating bills
Vicinity of Tie D'Amiens in Montréal
Estimation de l'isolations des murs extérieurs , le toit et le sous-sol de ma maison résidentiel
Vicinity of Pierre Louis Panet in Montréal
I want to have the interior of my attic inspected to ensure appropriate insulation and that no heat loss or condensation is forming over the spot light boxes
Vicinity of Place Ostell in Montréal
Need to upgrade insulation in attic. would like a quote.
Vicinity of Boulevard Cavendish in Montréal
I did hvac system and i am in middle of project renovation of my baisment i need best isolation
Vicinity of Pierre Mercure in Montréal
Nous voulons tout simplement mieux isoler notre grenier et toiture.
Vicinity of Avenue Roslyn Westmount in Montréal
Hello, could you come to my home to inspect the attic if there's need to add more insulation? My electricity fee was very high during the winter, and there are lots of ice dam around the roof. So could you help me inspect the attic and give me one quotation?Thank you!
Vicinity of Hill Park Circle in Montréal
We have a big problem with ice damn and would like to fix it.
Vicinity of RUE DES ÉGLANTIERS RDP in Montréal
Probleme de condensation au niveau de l'entre toit. insuffisance d,isolation d,après l'inspecteur.
Vicinity of Christophe-Colomb in Montréal
Soumission pour isoler grenier pour rencontrer normes renoclimat
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