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Reducing energy costs by insulating our client's attic in Les Cedres, Qc

The problem

Mrs. Hanley had an attic that wasn't enough insulated. There were less than 10 in. of cellulose fibers in her attic which was equivalent to an R-38 value. The air circulation was almost non-existent which made the attic very humid.

The solution

Remove the cellulose, seal air leaks on the attic floor such as seams and holes with our polyurethane foam, add ventilation mats to improve air circulation, and then blow a little over 16" of cellulose fibers.

Replacing old air vents with better ones and insulating the attic in L'ile-Perrot, Qc


Mr. Leduc's attic lacked insulation. There was only 6 to 9 inches of cellulose in the attic. Which is equivalent to an R19 value. However, Systèmes Éconergie recommends a value of R60 to ensure a maximum comfort in the house.


Our team replaced the cardboard air vents present in the attic for plastic ones, because the cardboard will decompose in the presence of water and humidity. Then we blew just over 12” of cellulose to achieve an R60 attic value.


Attic insulation with cellulose In Ile Perrot, QC

The problem: When we've inspected this attic. Jerry our home comfort specialist found that this attic has not enough fiberglass and they were quite a bit of condensation on the ceiling roof. The client has noticed this, too, and wanted to change this factor. 

The solution: To resolve this problem, we have removed all the old fiberglass and seal off all the leaking cracks with our expendable foam named Zypfoam. This helps reduces by a lot the risk of air leaking. After, we blew 16 inches of our TruSoft cellulose to achieve R60 of value. 


Attic insulation in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Qc

The problem

Every winter Mrs. Cherbina had problems with ice dams on the roof of her house. The cause of this problem is the lack of insulation in the attic.

The solution

We removed the old insulation which was made from fiberglass, in order to plug any air leaks on the attic floor with our expanded foam, added baffles in the soffits and then blown a little over 16 '' from our cellulose fiber insulation to achieve an R-60 value.


Attic insulation in Baie-D'Urfe,, Qc


Mr. John noticed that some of the upstairs bedrooms were colder than the other rooms. So while our specialist was checking up his place, he had noticed mold problems rot, lack of ventilation, several air leaks on the floor and poor insulation.


We have removed the fiberglass insulation to seal all air leaks on the attic floor, added ventilation mats in the soffits, insulated the attic access hatch and then blew 17 inches of cellulose.

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