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Air leaks and poor insulation in a attic in Chambly, Qc

The problem

Ms. Smith contacted Systèmes Éconergie because she had problems with ice dams on her roof in winter. This very common problem is due to poor attic insulation and the presence of air leaks.

The solution

We removed the old wool insulation in order to seal the air leaks such as joints, holes and others. Then, we installed vents on each side of the attic to allow additional ventilation in the attic and prevent air from touching the insulation. Eventually, we blew just over 16” of cellulose fibers to achieve an R-60 value.

Insulating an attic in our client's house in Longueil, Qc

The problem

Mrs. Barnes bought a new house in Longueuil and following our inspection she had to re-insulate the attic to improve the ventilation and the effectiveness of the insulation. The lack of ventilation caused a lot of humidity in the attic which created mold on the wood and led it to get rotten.

The solution

- Seal all air leaks in the attic. With our expanded polyurethane foam, we seal the joints and holes on the floor in order to eliminate air leaks.

- Seal and insulate recessed lights with boxes.

- Add vents to allow controlled ventilation in the attic and prevent air from coming into contact with the insulation.

- Blow a little over 16” of cellulose fibers. Highly effective, safe, and environmentally friendly insulation!


Lack of insulation in the attic of Mr. Fiset's house in Lorraine, Qc

The problem

The lack of insulation in the attic of Mr. Fiset's house was one of the biggest problems. It had 10 in and less insulation wool. This affected the comfort of his home and the energy costs were getting higher than normal.

The solution

Remove the wool, seal the air leaks on the floor with our polyurethane foam, add ventilation mats and blow a little more than 16 in’’ of cellulose fibers for an R-60 value

Attic insulation in Terrebonne, Qc

The problem

The attic’s insulation of Mr. Gagnon's house was insufficient. There were only 10 in. and less fiberglass mats, which was equivalent to an R-25 value. This made her home uncomfortable, rooms were often too hot in summer and too cold in winter, and her house’s energy costs were very high.

The solution

Reinsulate the attic to achieve an R-60 value and thus make the house more comfortable and energy efficient.

We sealed all the air leaks on the attic floor, insulated the duct system as well as the chimney and insulated the vertical wall separating two attic levels. Then we installed vents all the way through the soffits and then blew just over 16” of cellulose fiber.


TiteShell protection for depressed lighting in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Qc

This product is crucial before insulating the attic. If you have recessed lights, these protective boxes prevent air warmed by the light from entering the attic through the cane and wire holes. Hot air impairs insulation in the attic. If air leaks are not sealed properly, you are not taking advantage of the maximum capacity that your insulation can offer you. Hiding the problem under insulation is not the same as fixing it. In addition, the majority of insulation products are not flame retardant. It is dangerous to put insulation directly on recessed lights.


For more information about TiteShell enclosures, contact us today and we'll be happy to send you an insulation specialist to give you a completely free, no-obligation estimate.

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