Maximize your comfort at home!: Understanding the stack effect!

Maximize your comfort at home!: Understanding the stack effect! - Image 1

Maximize your comfort at home!: Understanding the stack effect! 

When we heat the air in our home, it becomes lighter than the cold air and rises to the top to escape via the upper levels. The same air leaks outward, causing new air to enter via the lower levels of the house. The incoming air is cold in winter and contains dust, making us uncomfortable. Thus, we use our heating and air conditioning systems further (spending more money) to regain home comfort. 

However, when we heat up the new air, it will rise again to the upper levels in order to escape, once again causing outside air to enter via the lower levels. The cycle never stops! The result is an uncomfortable draft within the home. 

The ultimate solution lies in sealing air leaks, mainly at the top of the house, followed by insulation to prevent air from escaping, fresh air from entering, and thus reduce draft within the house.

And why air leaks mainly at the top of the house? 

The amount of air passing through an open space doesn't just depend on its size. A more significant factor is the pressure difference on either side of the hole. We already know that warm air rises to escape, creating a positive pressure that pushes air out. In addition, the negative pressure causes new air to enter via the lower levels of the house. 

Maximize your comfort at home!: Understanding the stack effect! - Image 2

So, from one side, air moves from the bottom to the top of the house. And on the other side, air escapes via the upper levels, where pressure is more positive. Also, if there's positive pressure at the top and negative pressure at the bottom, there must be a place in the middle of the house where the pressure is neutral. 

This idea complements the stack effect explained above! In fact, we can deduce that sealing air leaks from holes located in the middle of the house, where the pressure is almost zero, will have a minimal effect on reducing drafts. 

Ultimately, it's worth eliminating all air leaks. But if you work only in the central region of your house, you won't reduce drafts, and thus you won't enhance residential comfort. Sealing and insulating the attic is always the right choice. 

Systèmes Éconergie have all the products, as well as the expertise, to carry out a detailed inspection and then help you seal and insulate your attic to enhance home comfort. We can serve you on all of Montréal Island, Laval, and its surroundings. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free inspection without any obligation! 

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