If you have recessed can lights in the attic, read this article.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 by Anastasie Najem

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Before you even begin to insulate the attic, it is crucial to eliminate air leaks otherwise your efforts will be counterproductive and the problem of energy loss will not be solved.

There are several sources of air leakage in the attic, but we will focus on one of the most important at the moment: recessed fixtures. More and more houses have them because they are modern and practical. The problem with can lights, when installed in the ceiling of the top floor of the house, is that the fixture is in the attic. Other than the holes and interstices that leak air around the recessed structure, the lit light warms the air around the bulb, which raises warm air to the attic faster. In addition, the most serious problem of all this is that the vast majority of recessed luminaires can not have insulation on top, because they pose a fire hazard if the insulation is in direct contact with a source of high heat. As a result, this gap in the insulation increases the amount of air leakage.

Problem: drafts and colder rooms down the house, more air leaks into the house, more expensive to heat and air conditioning.

Solution: Attic Systems' TiteShell can light covers are specifically designed to cover recessed luminaires and be sealed all around to eliminate air leakage and fire hazard. Once the TiteShell can light covers are installed and sealed, it becomes safe to blow TruSoft cellulose flame retardant insulation everywhere in the attic, providing adequate insulation thus maximizing the R-value.

For greater energy savings, we recommend changing your incandescent or halogen bulbs for LED bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs.


Si vous avez des luminaires encastrés dans le grenier, lisez cet article. - Image 1


Recessed can light in the attic. 



Si vous avez des luminaires encastrés dans le grenier, lisez cet article. - Image 2


TiteShell can light covers.



Si vous avez des luminaires encastrés dans le grenier, lisez cet article. - Image 3


Cellulose insulation. 


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