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Toufic Fahd

Systèmes Éconergie

Title: Home Comfort Specialist

Hometown: Lebanon

Toufic Fahd from Systèmes Éconergie

Toufic’s job as a home comfort specialist is to thoroughly diagnose what is making your home uncomfortable, causing it to lose energy, and not to mention costing you money. He then communicates this to you and informs you of where your energy-saving priorities are. Toufic creates solutions, so you can start saving money and energy as soon as possible!

He has been thoroughly trained and has earned the title “Home Comfort Specialist” through the Attic Systems® National Contractor Network. Throughout his 8 years’ experience in customer service, Toufic has acquired great knowledge in identifying the needs of clients. Toufic is always there to help his customers improve their house through a positive and enjoyable experience. His hands-on building experience works to his advantage when it comes to being a Systèmes Éconergie specialist.

During his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and staying active at the gym.

Case Studies I've worked on:

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Attic insulation in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Qc
    Attic insulation in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Qc

    Attic insulation in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Qc

    The problem

    Every winter Mrs. Cherbina had problems with ice dams on the roof of her house. The cause of this problem is the lack of insulation in the attic.

    The solution

    We removed the old insulation which was made from fiberglass, in order to plug any air leaks on the attic floor with our expanded foam, added baffles in the soffits and then blown a little over 16 '' from our cellulose fiber insulation to achieve an R-60 value.


  • Attic Insulation in Prévost, Qc
    Attic Insulation in Prévost, Qc

    Attic Insulation in Prévost, Qc

    The problem

    Mr. Cadieux contacted Systèmes Éconergie because he had no insulation in his attic. He also felt a difference in the temperature of the rooms in the house, some were colder and some were warmer, which made his house feel uncomfortable.

    The solution

    Remove the fiberglass insulation, seal all air leaks on the attic floor with expanded foam, add vents for better ventilation and blow out just over 16” of cellulose fibers.


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