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Cesar Guevara

Systèmes Éconergie

Title: Home Comfort Specialist

Hometown: Montréal and Valencia

Cesar Guevara from Systèmes Éconergie

Cesar has a lot of experience in general home renovations and woodcraft. He also used to be a consultant and has thus developed the required skills to properly assist and recommend customers to make the purchase experience as smooth as possible. Cesar decided to join Systèmes Éconergie when he saw an opportunity to help homeowners going through energy efficiency problems in their house. 

He has been trained to analyze your house, detect energy losses, and recommend the best solution to make your home comfortable again.

In his free time, Cesar likes to workout, play guitar and spend time with friends and family.

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Attic insulation with cellulose Saint-Sauveur, Qc
    Attic insulation with cellulose Saint-Sauveur, Qc

    Attic insulation with cellulose Saint-Sauveur, Qc

    The problem: This client from Saint-Sauveur was feeling that his rooms on the top floor were pretty cold during the winter and really hot during the summer. Plus, on his roof, there was a good amount of ice. So, the client knew there was a problem and he decided to contact us. After this, one of our certified comfort specialists from System Econergie went to his home to evaluate the situation. After the inspection, our specialist found two majors problems in the client attic. First, there was some mold on some joists and the existing fiberglass was old he didn't have enough. 


    The solution: We have started by removing the mold that we found with our mold remover Mold-X2. After this being done, we had removed all of the old fiberglass and replaced it with our TruSoft cellulose fiber. We have put over 16 inches to reach an R60 value. After our intervention, this client from Saint-Sauveur has now a well-isolated attic, more comfortable rooms, and a reduced electricity bill regarding his heating and climatization fees. 

  • Attic insulation in Hampstead, Montréal, Qc
    Attic insulation in Hampstead, Montréal, Qc

    Attic insulation in Hampstead, Montréal, Qc

    Theresa from Hampstead contacted Systèmes Sous-sol Québec to book a free estimate because her electricity bill was very high, and her desired home comfort was not reflected on these bills.

    As soon as our expert arrived at her home, he inspected the attic thoroughly.

    They were many holes in the attic floor that were not sealed and resulted in air leaks. To add to the problem, the insulation used was fiberglass and was in a bad condition and mold was found. Also the amount of insulation was really inadequate to our Quebec climate.

    To solve this problem, our installation team went by the expert's recommandation and began by removing the old insulation. Then they sealed all the holes and gaps such as wiring holes to avoid any air leaks. Finally, they insulated the entire attic floor with 17 inches of our cellulose insulation. Our cellulose insulation is effective, safe, environmentally friendly, durable and yields the best results.

    All these products allowed the customer's attic to be perfectly insulated and with no air leaks. This change has brought to our client the home comfort and peace of mind she always desired.

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